Specializing in orphan drug commercialization &
creating success for all stakeholders

CLEAR PHARMA is altering the commercialization methodology for drug treatments of rare diseases.

Our radical collaboration platform creates an advanced interdependent community among individual and institutional healthcare stakeholders – from patients to pharma.

Our solutions are driven by an inter-woven customized process —ClearPath® by our Axxience cross-functional team— combining critical knowledge-based commercialization solutions demanded by rare diseases.

Waiting until Phase III to commence commercialization efforts will compromise product and company success. Engaging the disparate rare-disease stakeholder community and commencing scientific and access planning in Phase II will assist in development, funding and approval while increasing awareness and demand resulting in a well—informed community and faster uptake upon launch.

SCIENce We encapsulate patient-centric research and
extend beyond traditional targets to
maximize outreach, readability and
knowledge transfer to appropriate audiences.
MARKET ACCESS Our deliverables are sensitive to current
geo-political environmental influences
communicating powerful value propositions for
rare disease treatments, including patient
risk/benefit tolerance research.
Actionable Community Insights Our OneVoice platform engages rare disease stakeholders,
captures patient data, and provides guidance for
action, not just more data.

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Dan Donovan //
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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T Anthony Howell, JD //
Managing Director

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David Battleman, MD, MSC, MBA //
Managing Director

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